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  • Anita Montoya says:

    I have been trying to obtain a mostiue from Alexandra De Markoff, however, I cannot
    get into her interne. I need help, as I really really would like to have this again, I
    have been using it for years. If you could help me with any information as to how to
    get to her skin care, I would appreciate it.


    i have used your products for 1/2 of my life-i specifically use 82 1/2 cream foundation. recently you have changed this formula. it does not cover like the product i have always used. for women my age, we need to cover up rosacea or age spots. the new product seems to have been whipped with air and is not the consistency that is so beneficial to me (a much thinner version). is this a trial experiment and you will go back to the original formula or do i need to shop for a new product. i am so disappointed. your company has always had a very high quality product-this time you failed.

  • Joan Rotaru says:

    I have used the Alexandra de Markoff Countess Isserlyn (sp?) Creme Makeup for years with great satisfaction. I recently purchased a replacement jar online and have found that it is essentially a different product than I have had in the past. It is much lighter, almost diluted and does not provide the outstanding coverage I had become accustomed to.
    Has anyone else had this experience? Is there a company customer service dept. I could take this up with?

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  • Ella says:

    I have used AdeM for 30 years, my mother used it and got me started using it at the tender age of 15. I use most of the skincare and the makeup line. I love the liquid foundation the most and the night cream. I get mine at http://www.your-cosmetics.com because I love the free shipping and used to get it from AdeM’s own website. I simply love this product!

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